Nikon Prodtaff 5 and Monarch scopes question.

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Nikon Prodtaff 5 and Monarch scopes question.

Postby newportri » Fri Jan 22, 2016 4:41 pm

I need a scope for my Browning BAR Mark II Safari in 300WM and I was going to use my NRA Instructor Discount (40%) with Nikon. I have a Slug gun and Muzzle loader scope by Nikon so I know they make good quality, but I was wondering if there is much difference between the Prostaff 5 and the Monarch 3 series and if anyone has compared the two. I don't mind spending a little more for the Monarch3, but if you can't tell the difference between the two then what's the point.. I have compared different models from the same manufacturer and often I can't tell the difference when looking through them so I don't see the point of spending the extra dollars. I don't think I "need' the XR turrets, but the price difference between with and without XR on the Monarch is only $40 while on the Prostaff 5 it is $100. If I get the Monarch 3 I would probably get the XR (nikoplex reticle).

This is the basic Prostaff 5 without the XR turret ($299). It's probably all I need to get, but since I get a one time 40% discount I wouldn't mind getting something a little more high end.

This is the same scope with XR turrets ($100 more):

Here is the Monarch 3 without XR turrets ($439):

Here is the Monarch 3 with XR turrets ($479)

The specs on the scopes are pretty much the same: 1" tube, 40-42mm objective diameter, eye relief, etc. Nikon doesn't list what the light transmission is, so it's hard to know how the two scopes would compare without comparing them side by side.
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