State Supreme Court admonishes EP chief for CCW permits

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Re: State Supreme Court admonishes EP chief for CCW permits

Postby Cyril » Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:45 pm

Word is getting out... ... als-again/

Friday, November 4, 2016
R.I. Supreme Court Rebukes Police Chief For Carry Permit Denials—Again

How many times can you ignore the state Supreme Court and keep your job? One Rhode Island police chief might just find out.

Earlier this week, the Rhode Island Supreme Court rebuked East Providence Police Chief Christopher J. Parella for failing to abide by an earlier directive from the same court and improperly denying residents licenses for concealed-carry permits. Last year, the court ordered the city to back up any denial of a license to carry a concealed weapon with findings of fact, but Parella apparently didn’t listen.

"It's very frustrating that citizens have to hire a lawyer just to maintain compliance with the Supreme Court ruling," David J. Strachman, who represents the three denied applicants who sued, told the Providence Journal.

The permit denials by Parella and further chiding by the Supreme Court are proof that Rhode Island needs to institute a shall-issue permitting system, like is currently enjoyed by citizens in the vast majority of states.

There doesn't appear to be a comment section or a way to contact the author, else I would mention to them that we have a shall-issue permitting system and that's why this stuff goes to court in the first place.
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