Help needed for NH Constitutional Carry

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Help needed for NH Constitutional Carry

Postby n1bsbri » Mon Jun 22, 2015 4:53 pm

Our friends in New Hampshire could use some support. They were able to get constitutional carry passed in the house and senate, but it is facing a veto from the Democrat NH Governor.

If you have family / friends in NH, or if you vacation there, please consider signing the petition. Just put a personal note in stating your interest in the issue.


We are down to the 2 minute warning in this game.

SB116 will end up on Maggie's desk sometime in the next 3 days. Each day, I want to deliver as many petitions as possible to the Governor.

Please sign the petition and forward to as many others as possible. I will print these petitions out at the end of each day and drop them off the following morning while I am up in Concord on the Budget fight.

Until she vetos the bill, there is still a chance to prevent her from stopping the momentum on getting Constitutional Carry passed. I do not want to see our efforts this year wasted over one signature. We can still pass this bill, but we need to double down on our efforts in light of the recent events.

Remember, this is the first time in NH history, that the Constitutional Carry bill has passed both chambers.
1. Please sign the petition
2. Please email the link to others and ask them to sign the petition.
3. Please chip in if you can help in this fight to pass SB116. I have personally invested well over $500 in moving this bill forward this year. This is not campaign money, this is my personal savings being used to restore the gun rights for everyone. I would love to have other friends join in this fight! Our rights will not be restored until we all join together and make a difference.

Here is the link:

If you are from MA or VT and SB116 is important to you, please note in the message area that you visit the state and have friends up here. Vacation dollars and friends matter when it comes time for Maggie to decide what to do.


PS. NHFC is hosting this petition on our site as we are concerned about integrity issues with online petitions through sources like etc.
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