Bristol Warren school district supports no guns in schools

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Bristol Warren school district supports no guns in schools

Postby newportri » Sat Jun 13, 2015 2:30 am

More mis-information and lies being spread by the antis...
We applaud the Bristol Warren Regional School committee on their recent unanimous resolution in support of House Bill 5861 and Senate Bill 0743, which closes a loophole in current law to prohibit the carrying of concealed weapons on school grounds.

The legislation which is currently under consideration by the General Assembly is vital, as Rhode Island does not have any provisions preventing the carrying of concealed weapons on school grounds. These bills contain exceptions for law enforcement personnel in the performance of their official duties and other authorized educational activities. This legislation is smart and will help make our schools safer.

The carrying of concealed weapons by civilians on school grounds opens the door to far more danger than safety. These bills do not question the right to bear arms, but they do seek to protect our children within schools from those who would attack them, and we strongly support the passage of House Bill 5861 and Senate Bill 0743.

Brandt Heckert
Steve Thompson
Warren Town Council

There is no exception for LE unless they are on official duty and the RIPCA is against the bills..
I don't subscribe to the news paper, but if anyone here does feel free to correct them in the comments section (you need to be a subscriber).
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Re: Bristol Warren school district supports no guns in schoo

Postby RImike » Mon Jun 15, 2015 12:17 am

I found this article highly offensive, as a CCW holder, the author suggests I among many other CCW holders, would "attack them". Obviously they are to ignorant to understand that only CCW holders are authorized to do so! Further more, the BS spreading by the RICAGV claim that all LEO's take mandatory "tactical" training is false. Only officers appointed to their position after July 1, 1997 are required to do so. If they were appointed prior the date, the only mandatory training is stipulated in 11-47-15.1
§ 11-47-15.1 Qualifications required of law enforcement officers appointed after June 6, 1970. – (a) Except as provided in § 11-47-15.3, all law enforcement officers of this state and its political subdivisions whose permanent appointment shall take place later than June 6, 1970, shall qualify on the official National Rifle Association B-21 police combat target firing a score of one hundred sixty-five (165) or better out of a possible score of two hundred fifty (250) with fifty (50) rounds in the distance, time period, and position required in the course:

(1) Stage A: Seven (7) yards, ten (10) shots crouch position, time twenty-five (25) seconds.

(2) Stage B: twelve (12) yards, five (5) shots point shoulder left hand, five (5) shots point shoulder right hand, both unsupported, and five (5) shots kneeling, time seventy-five (75) seconds.

(3) Stage C: twenty-one (21) yards, five (5) shots point shoulder left hand supported, five (5) shots point shoulder right hand supported, time forty-five (45) seconds.

(4) Stage D: twenty-five (25) yards, five (5) shots prone, five (5) shots left hand barricade, five (5) shots right hand barricade, time one minute forty-five (1:45) seconds.

(b) All stages are started with the weapon loaded with 5 rounds and holstered.
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