AG denied on appeal

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Re: AG denied on appeal

Postby Blk01max » Thu May 14, 2015 9:49 pm

I have another post going about being denied by the AG but figured I'd add to this thread since I had my interview with the Chief and Deputy Chief yesterday as well. The scenario described is nearly identical to my experience. As soon as I entered the room I was told to turn off my cell phone. I didn't hesitate and didn't think about it until later. I thought that was somewhat odd. It made me think about someone's post that suggested someone record the meeting....Anyway, I had my interview yesterday to explain why I needed the permit (collector, c&r, need a NH permit and NH won't issue without home state permit). They asked me to elaborate and I pretty much reiterated what was in my need letter. They weren't unprofessional or intimidating or anything, but they wouldn't hear it. They told me my reason wasn't strong enough and they wouldn't elaborate on what was a proper need. I also inquired about whether they've issued for others who are collectors and they said no. I knew that was total BS. They inquired whether I had any "issues" safely maintaining my collection in the past (I.e. Robbed, followed,etc) for which I responded, "no". I guess I need to wait until something bad happens to me or my family before I'm allowed to protect myself. According to them they use a weighted decision system 25% chief,25% deputy chief, and 50% AG. They showed me their decision "check list" from my initial with the word "need ?" In red ink and said they couldn't send it up to the third floor. I wonder how many other people heard the same lines yesterday?!
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Re: AG denied on appeal

Postby jeffek » Fri May 15, 2015 9:25 am

wow that's funny as soon as I walked in the first thing they did was tell me to shut off my cell phone as well they also told me they couldn't send it up to the third floor like they said to you that is so funny that our experiences were identical it just goes to show that they are predisposed to say no
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