Anyone here built an ak-47?

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Re: Anyone here built an ak-47?

Postby shovel1966 » Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:47 pm

I have built several (can't count on one hand) AR-15 and LR-308's from 80% receivers. The receivers came from 5 different manufacturers in forged aluminum, billet aluminum, and polymer (2 styles) I finished them ALL on a Craftsman 12" benchtop drill press. They all function and shoot well and are every bit as good quality of a store bought firearm.

I don't think I would attempt to build a AK-47 simply because so many extremely expensive specialty tools are required and it probably won't come out as good as a new one purchased from an FFL. (Bending metal, rivets, rails, etc) And the fact that a good complete AK-47 is vastly cheaper than what could be built by an amateur.

Just my thoughts with my experience.
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Re: Anyone here built an ak-47?

Postby RImike » Fri Oct 24, 2014 1:06 pm

I would say, apples to apples, the materials for building a AK receiver are less than an AR, the tools are slightly less and the parts kit are less. The issue comes down to the variety of 80% lowers. Some are pre-bent but heat treated so you need a special drill to drill it out, some are flat stock that you have to bend and then harden, some are welded, some are riveted. I would say if your doing it, get and stick to one style and don't deviate.
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