Defensive Handgun 1 - Foxboro MA - Jan 16th

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Re: Defensive Handgun 1 - Foxboro MA - Jan 16th

Postby TacDynamics » Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:55 pm

Blast54 wrote:My son and I are signed up for Hopkinton class. I would have preferred to wait for some warmer weather but he is young and anxious. Probably bringing the Glock 19, Comp-tac paddle holster and see what I can scrape up for extra mags... should be fun!


We have plenty of extra Glock 19 magazines we can lend you for the class.
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Re: Defensive Handgun 1 - Foxboro MA - Jan 16th

Postby Shaw_Shot » Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:38 pm

TacDynamics wrote:Hey guys sorry I didn't have a chance to respond to this thread earlier.

There is a ton of great discussion going on here, I'm going to try and address a few things.

1. Holsters

The only type we don't allow is shoulder holsters and thats 100% due to safety. We also prefer not to have people using ankle holsters but will accommodate anyone that really wants to.

Retention for holsters (Thumb breaks, hoods, etc) - My personal feeling on it is that they are good for Law Enforcement, Military, Security etc. Individuals in these fields have to worry about people grabbing for their guns. For carry of a concealed firearm I don't like or recommend retention. If its concealed it should only be seen when its about to be used. You shouldn't have to worry about someone grabbing for it. Having retention devices on a concealed holsters is an additional fine motor skill obstacle to overcome under stress and its not necessary.

We 100% believe in the saying of "Train as you fight" and strongly encourage people to practice what we show them in class using their carry holsters such as inside the waistband rigs. However during the class we prefer to have people use outside the waistband holsters. The reason for this is that it allows you to most effectively learn and build the skills we are teaching in the class. We have plenty of loaner outside the waistband holsters that you can use for free during the class so you don't have to go out a buy one. If you really want to use an IWB holster for the class then that is fine as well. Either way we do cover drawing from an IWB holster and getting concealment garments out of the way.

2. Magazines

We like it when people have at least 3 magazines for this class. It keeps up the pace on the firing line. If you only have 1 or 2 magazines for the gun you will be running that is fine as well though. We can always accommodate and make due with everyones equipment. We don't want people to go out and buy extra expensive magazines just for this class. We also have a lot of extra mags that we can loan to you for free as well. Unfortunately we don't have and Sig 250 mags right now.

I hope this info helps and if you guys have any other questions please let me know. Also feel free to reach out to me anytime on my phone or e-mail. James Wise - 781-492-7446

thank you james. the info/clarity on the matter is appreciated. i'm looking forward to training with you all. happy new year.
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