Pistol 1 class (Spartan International)

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Re: Pistol 1 class (Spartan International)

Postby Blast54 » Tue Oct 13, 2015 10:29 pm

Re: Blast54's review of the Sept 11 Concealed Carry 1 Class

* I had to register a new username so yes this is a "first post" however this IS Rob from Tactical Dynamics.

We apologize (again) if your experience was not 100% most enjoyable during that class but if I could I would like to address a few of your points:

* range conditions: these were out of our control in regards to the grass being tall. I have addressed that with the club and the ball was dropped on their end there... For the first time in over three years.

You are still responsible for condition, a simple phone call the day before to make sure all is ready?

*class size: we set the limit at ten people. We had extra people fail to follow instructions on the Facebook event page and not register on our site, instead just they just showed up on the day of. We posted on that event several times asking for the registration.

If it was my decision I would have turned them away for the sake of the other shooters. You planned on having a 3.3 to 1 shooter/instructor ratio. Instead it was 13 to 2 ( understandably Dennis had to stay with the new shooters)

Also keep in mind that less than a week prior to this class we were going to cancel it for lack of enrollment. We advertised it and apparently there was a bit of a demand. We have also overbooked classes in the past to have folks blow us off and no call/no show. Damned if you do I suppose... But that's business.

Easily solved by requiring a deposit

* proximity to other shooters: this class was conducted in a safe manner as all other classes we run are. Sometimes brass will hit you. I made sure that any drills that were conducted were done so with safety being the number one priority as it always is.

Never said it wasn't safe but that range cannot handle 15 people shoulder to shoulder shooting at once which is what we did during a couple of drills.

* pre-requisites: we have phased pre-reqs out with the exception of being able to legally possess and safely operate a firearm. We place more supervision on newer shooters but if the basics of firearms safety are applied, you will not have issues.

If you know you have a novice section, you might figure in a separate instructor to bring them up to speed if you are selling as a mixed class of advanced/novice shooters.

New shooters: was there a new shooter in that class? Yes. Did she handle herself safely in accordance to firearms safety rules? Yes. Did she shoot better than some of the other students in the class? Yes

Never said she was unsafe

We appreciate the feedback and will adjust accordingly... As we stated at the end of the class.

Thanks and be safe,


Rob, this is Bill K. who brought up all these points at the end of the class when you asked for honest feedback. Here, you make it seem as if it was nothing to complain about. I just wanted to give these guys a heads up as to my experience. I have sent quite a few of my fellow shooters to your classes after my first experience with James at Hopkinton. Excellent event, and excellent instruction. When things are good I express my positive experience, when things are not so good I also express my experience. I have not given up on you guys yet, you just need to polish things up a bit if want to compete with other organizations. ;)
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Re: Pistol 1 class (Spartan International)

Postby newportri » Sat Oct 17, 2015 11:24 pm

Me and Dirk took the class today. Although it was an intro class, we had a good time and will definitely take more classes there.
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